This page outlines our current plan for continued service given the situation with COVID-19. 


We are monitoring this situation carefully and will will update this page regularly.

Last update Sunday 22 March 2020.

We are committed to offering our clients a “business as usual” service as far as we are able given the current global situation. We are aware that we – the world at large – face uncertain times ahead and that things are unlikely to return to ‘normal’ quickly.  For continuity of service, we are committed to offering our clients, existing and new, ongoing therapeutic support via secure remote video links. 

Existing clients

Your therapist will contact you directly by email with instructions on the remote video platform they are using, and how to access your session.  


New clients

We continue to welcome new referrals, even more so than ever given we know the grave mental health implications for many of the current situation.  Please contact us by email in the first instance to discuss a plan and set up an initial appointment:  

We check our emails daily Monday-Friday and endeavour to reply within 1 business day.


National guidance for effective therapy via video


We follow the guidance principally of the British Psychological Society and its Digital Healthcare Sub-Committee.  Clients can rest-assured that there is good evidence that therapy can be delivered competently via different media and that therapeutic connections can be built this way that are as strong as those formed in face-to-face therapy.  We will look forward to welcoming those of you who are local to us to the clinic here in Caversham when the situation allows..

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