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Our goal is to offer a comprehensive service across the age range offering clients tailored options to meet their individual needs. Our adult and child and adolescent services are there to meet the needs of the majority of clients. We also have two particular specialisms in autism assessment and surgery support which are driven by the expertise within our team.

Adult psychological therapies in reading, berkhire

Adult Psychological Therapies

We aim to provide a range of approaches and specialisms for our adult clients. You may already have quite a good idea of what kind of therapy (or therapies) you would like, but you may equally have no idea whatsoever. Some of our clients will also feel quite in the dark about what they are even struggling with – they just know they feel bad, and they want some support.

Wherever you are at, it’s our job to listen, to advise and to offer you a tailored approach that will get you where you hope to be.
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Autism assessment and support caversham, reading, berkshire

Autism Assessment and Support

Our team have many years’ experience in specialist autism services in the NHS. They offer a gold-standard comprehensive NICE Guidance assessment privately using the most up-to-date tools and findings.

We are also here for support - whether there is an official diagnosis or not – to offer therapy and guidance going forward.
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ADHD assessment and support caversham, reading, berkshire

ADHD Assessment and Support

We use National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and Royal College of Psychiatrists guidelines to provide an ADHD assessment and diagnosis. It is comprehensive, taking into account all the factors that could impact an individual’s experience and presentation.

But it’s not all about diagnosis. Our goal is to help clients embrace and maximise their strengths, while making it easier to face the challenges that come their way. That’s why all our ADHD assessments include a full session for feedback and strategy work as standard.
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Cosmetic surgery assessment and support caversham, reading, berkshire

Cosmetic Surgery Assessment and Support

Our team of specialist clinical psychologists have backgrounds in health psychology, body image and self-esteem. They are all affiliated to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and work with surgeons and patients across the UK.

Through our work with plastic surgeons and their patients right from the start of their journey, we work together to reduce the risk of causing psychological harm. Where the patient might need further support, we also offer follow up sessions online or in person.
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