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Cosmetic surgery support in reading, berkshire

Why psychology?

In 2016 the General Medical Council (GMC) here in the UK made it best practice guidance that all doctors who offer cosmetic interventions should take into account their patients’ psychological needs. All patients seeking cosmetic surgery, by definition, aim to bring about a visible physical change in their appearance. But patients also have clear psychosocial goals too – aiming in some way for the surgery to have an effect on how they feel as well.

Surgical teams who focus from the start at understanding both the physical and the psychosocial aims together are much better placed to proceed in a way that fulfills patient goals, leading to higher levels of satisfaction and much lower levels of disappointment. Patients can also have vulnerabilities – surgeons want to understand these too, so that risks of causing psychological harm are significantly reduced.

How does it work?

We have a team of six specialist clinical psychologists, with backgrounds in health psychology, body image and self-esteem. We are all members of the UK Special Interest Group for Mental Health Professionals Working in Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Practice, affiliated to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

We work with plastic surgeons across the UK as well as with patients coming to us directly. We offer a comprehensive pre-surgery psychological assessment and detailed report to every patient and their corresponding surgeon. This will advise the surgeon on the best next steps for the patient from a psychological perspective. Since the assessment is done online, we are able to work with patients and surgeons across the country. We often see patients after surgery to offer support and follow-up. Some patients like to work with us for a course of sessions to help their self-esteem or body image, either before, instead of or alongside surgery. Further information can be found at:

GMC Guidance for doctors offering cosmetic interventions - Visit website

British Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons: Visit website

Dr Femke Leathes’ interview on clinical psychology care in plastic reconstructive surgery: Watch interview


Full Initial Appointment (to include report): £150 - £200

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